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Our purpose is to build enabling conditions through which people and wildlife can live side-by-side peacefully. We are an interdisciplinary organisation, founded by a behavioural ecologist and human geographer and run collaboratively and creatively by many.

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Human impacts on nature are tremendous and yet people are crucial players in any solutions. Our grassroots work with people includes mango and ragi farmers in southern Karnataka with whom we explore adaptive approaches to farming alongside elephants. In Tamil Nadu, Kerala and eastern Karnataka, we work with smallholder coffee growers to design and implement biodiversity-friendly farming practices. Our collective experience with research as well as on-ground action allows us to take thoughtful, inclusive approaches to community-led conservation.


Nature is disappearing, degrading and adapting in ways we do not fully understand. Our research, particularly on Asian Elephants in human-dominated landscapes allows for a unique community-led and adaptive approach to mitigating conflict. However, we are equally passionate about tiny creatures and run a participatory ecology initiative with coffee growers to understand the ecology and to ultimately conserve rock bees, earthworms, barbets, barking deer, ficus and jamun trees.

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We believe the future is local and community-owned. Our approach therefore, has been to support people to design and take forward ideas for a socially and ecologically secure future.

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